Chinese Military And Its Defense Contracts

The place for getting your daily dose of all things military within the Chinese realm. Here, we and our contributors study, compare and offer different perspectives about expanding Chinese defense and military expansion as a form of the country’s powerful economy and therefore its increasing desire to play an active role in world geo-strategic significance.

The simple fact is that China has been flexing its muscles for some time now. Be it in the South China Sea or the far-off stretches of the Arabian Gulf, the easy answer would be to club Chinese military doctrine as an Anti NATO or anti-West mindset like an evil mastermind from a James Bond movie. But in reality, countries don’t think or work that way, and China certainly doesn’t.

As the next global superpower, China too has certain aspirations and objectives that it wants to achieve, some through business, trade and economics, and others through geo-strategic maneuvers that involve certain amount of military show of might. In here, we examine the latter aspect without losing perspective of the Asian giant’s larger goals.

Latest Chinese Military Philosophy

China’s Military Strategy – An Extension Of The Great Chinese Dream

In order to get a grasp of Chinese military strategy, one has to be ready to indulge in the Chinese Dream. At the crux of this dream is the country’s national goal, which is to build and maintain a prosperous ...
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Strategic Responsivities Of The Chinese Military For Years To Come

In keeping with the country’s philosophy, China’s armed forces have a multi-pronged responsibility. At its center, is the duty to uphold the CPC leadership and the socialist model the party represents albeit with acutely Chinese characteristics. Moving a layer outwards, ...
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Latest Defense Export News

The JF-17 Thunder – The Factors Influencing Its Sale To Other Nations

Also known as FC-1, the CAC/PAC JF-17 codenamed ‘Thunder’ is a multi-role fighter aircraft jointly developed by China and Pakistan. While the Pakistan Air Force has made the aircraft the backbone of their front-line fighters for the future, China sees the JF-17 in a very different role. According to Chinese ...
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Philippines Is Gearing Up To Buy Arms From China

For years, the Philippines has depended on the US to supply it with weapons, ships and aircrafts. However, the signs of fissures between the two countries became visibly apparent when the former broke-off an agreement with the US for the purchase of 26,000 rifles that were to be used to ...
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Latest Defense Purchase News

Moscow Quietly Resumes Advanced Weapon Sales To China

After almost a decade of halting sale of advanced weapons to China on allegations of technology cloning, Russia has resumed the process all over again. Some defense experts believe that Moscow’s geo-political and economic requirements have trumped any lingering concerns of cloning of Russian weapons by the Chinese. Soon after ...
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